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Enjoy a free tool we built to help you configure retraction/temperature tower parts.
The file provided can be loaded with Cura but may not work or contain settings with other slicers

Please enter settings responsibly and verify after opening and slicing with Cura. We do not take responsibility for print bad settings.

Calibration Tower Generator

Hello! This tool is for creating a calibration tower. You can use this to calibrate settings like temperature, retraction distance, and retraction speed.

The 3mf file provided is configured for a Creality Ender-3, but it will work OK with similar cartesian printers. There are dozens of compatible printers available in our paid software.

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Enter the desired temperature tower settings below

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Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Click below to download the calibration part (.3mf file)

To print a .3mf file, open the .3mf file in cura as a project
and be sure to disable the "Drop all models to build plate" option in the Cura settings.
To learn more about troubleshooting or opening this .3mf in Cura, please visit our Help Center

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